AWAKEN! Confused in Planet Upheaval? Plant Gardens!

Hopi Elders recently released their wisdom for these earth changing times. Pray for the Japanese & others. Be compassionate. &, Plant Gardens! My view as well.


About aelbert aehegma

I am an artist. I live the life. I wish to encourage other artists to take leadership on a local and global encourage the rest of humankind to relearn what it is to be human, & human toward one another, & to save the planet through our art, and recycled notoriety from our art. Be more. Yet be yourself: Learn, to give. I am an internationally exhibited Hawaii Artist, exhibited in over a dozen countries; award winning published author & poet. I am a lecturer on culture & art, and ancient societies; I offer transformational seminars and workshops. Cultural Consultation is a special service of mine. Currently, I am managing Green Cliff ~Paradise, an Hawaiian Cultural, Nature & Healing Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am preparing Poems of Love & Exile for publication, republishing of award-winning Turtle Dance: Poems of Hawaii and writing Our Garden of Secrets, for which a public broadcasting trailer has appeared in Hawaii. I hold three degrees A.S. Business, concentration Journalism; B.A. English, Minor Philosophy; M.A. Program Renaissance: Art Administration, Art in Education, & Multi-media Art; Scholarship in painting from Wooster Art Academy; etcetera
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