Our Garden of Secrets: NEW, FREE, Blog Serial Book Release

“Be All you can be, for, later in life you may only wonder who you might have been, if you had  become who you dreamed of being.” -Aelbert 2010 AD

Our Garden of Secrets By award-winning writer Aelbert Aehegma shall be released as a traditional book, as well as in multiple book and  cutting edge, online publication methods…Right Here!

This is a Serial Book released in the form of Chapters, Articles, Poems, Proems, Short Stories, Ramblings, Memoirs, Journal Entries, Quotes, Purple Passages, and on. Mostly FREE. The Best part is that the reader will assist in choosing their own choice of writing, their own choice of Aelbert’s original art, or photos. There may even be choices as to commissioned writing, art or photos, personalized by the Reader to be included in custom-made Blog Books, I-Books, E-Books, or simple downloads.

A Compendium, or Anthology shall be released in book form, eventually. However, the beauty of modern publishing online is that it is becoming almost instant. Currently, the Reprint of TURTLE DANCE, Limited Edition/Autographed copies….is now in final stages of editing for the Book Market, then for online, publication Reprint and will be available online for the first time, soon.

Under the Banner of Our Garden of Secrets, that being the Main Book, is also EXILE OF LOVE, now being edited.

“The End is in the Beginning, the Beginning is in the End, and   All is Now.”   T.S. Elliot (Borrowed from  India)


About aelbert aehegma

I am an artist. I live the life. I wish to encourage other artists to take leadership on a local and global level....to encourage the rest of humankind to relearn what it is to be human, & human toward one another, & to save the planet through our art, and recycled notoriety from our art. Be more. Yet be yourself: Learn, to give. I am an internationally exhibited Hawaii Artist, exhibited in over a dozen countries; award winning published author & poet. I am a lecturer on culture & art, and ancient societies; I offer transformational seminars and workshops. Cultural Consultation is a special service of mine. Currently, I am managing Green Cliff ~Paradise, an Hawaiian Cultural, Nature & Healing Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am preparing Poems of Love & Exile for publication, republishing of award-winning Turtle Dance: Poems of Hawaii and writing Our Garden of Secrets, for which a public broadcasting trailer has appeared in Hawaii. I hold three degrees A.S. Business, concentration Journalism; B.A. English, Minor Philosophy; M.A. Program Renaissance: Art Administration, Art in Education, & Multi-media Art; Scholarship in painting from Wooster Art Academy; etcetera
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