Our Garden of Secrets: NEW, FREE, Blog Serial Book Release

“Be All you can be, for, later in life you may only wonder who you might have been, if you had  become who you dreamed of being.” -Aelbert 2010 AD

Our Garden of Secrets By award-winning writer Aelbert Aehegma shall be released as a traditional book, as well as in multiple book and  cutting edge, online publication methods…Right Here!

This is a Serial Book released in the form of Chapters, Articles, Poems, Proems, Short Stories, Ramblings, Memoirs, Journal Entries, Quotes, Purple Passages, and on. Mostly FREE. The Best part is that the reader will assist in choosing their own choice of writing, their own choice of Aelbert’s original art, or photos. There may even be choices as to commissioned writing, art or photos, personalized by the Reader to be included in custom-made Blog Books, I-Books, E-Books, or simple downloads.

A Compendium, or Anthology shall be released in book form, eventually. However, the beauty of modern publishing online is that it is becoming almost instant. Currently, the Reprint of TURTLE DANCE, Limited Edition/Autographed copies….is now in final stages of editing for the Book Market, then for online, publication Reprint and will be available online for the first time, soon.

Under the Banner of Our Garden of Secrets, that being the Main Book, is also EXILE OF LOVE, now being edited.

“The End is in the Beginning, the Beginning is in the End, and   All is Now.”   T.S. Elliot (Borrowed from  India)

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AWAKEN! Confused in Planet Upheaval? Plant Gardens!

Hopi Elders recently released their wisdom for these earth changing times. Pray for the Japanese & others. Be compassionate. &, Plant Gardens! My view as well.

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Good Day World! It Is Time to Wake Up!

The times we live in now are gyring on at an increasing momentum toward what? -we just do not know for sure. The rapid pace is evident. We humans are ourselves changing for the better, or for the worse. It is the time of Quickening. We need to creatively, actively engage in more positive change; therefore, we need to live more consciously aware lives; and evolve, or transcend to a higher frequency of our potential.

It is fairly common knowledge that we use perhaps, only one-tenth of our brain; and, too often perhaps, less of our heartfelt compassion for each other, and for the rest of the beings on this blue jewel of a planet; additionally, in spite of our modern view that we are evolved, or born superior to all other beings, we have more often that not, shown that we act with less than human kindness toward one another, or any other living creature for that matter, than we might.

Yet, the best aspects of ourselves often come to the rescue in times of calamity, turmoil, natural catastrophe, and warfare. We have all of these options to help evolve us into better feeling, thinking, acting, and sharing beings, right now. With earth changes evidently awakening us to the challenges of the times, we have a great opportunity to utilize the highest aspirations of ourselves to serve all the other beings and the planet, as well. We can do this, -we must be more human.

So, basically, we are at a multitude of crossroads. We have few choices, really. Save ourselves, our posterity, and the best of what we have, -and have become,  and the environment, our planet: do good deeds, live our life fully, live our dream, create, celebrate, learn the art of living; finally, smile and laugh as much as possible.

“I have grown wise, by being otherwise.”-Aelbert 2010 A.D

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